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Cultivate gratitude

Reflecting on what you are grateful for can improve mood and lead to a greater sense of well-being.

momentory makes keeping up a gratitude practice a joy, with beautiful animations, customizable goals, and reminders.

Screenshot of gratitude entry screen with 'I'm grateful' written so far.
Screenshot displaying a worry and prompt stating 'Is this a problem you can do something about?'

Release worry

Worry is a natural part of life, though being stuck in worry can get in the way.

momentory encourages you to challenge your worries and let go when they no longer serve you.

Get out of your head

A journaling practice can help see your thoughts in a new light.

momentory streamlines the process of jotting down your thoughts and does not bog you down with endless questions.

Screenshot of journal entries
Screenshot of top category list, which lists family, food, kids, health, and pets

Take a step back

See trends in your gratitude, worry, and other thoughts each week broken down by category.

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